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Curious how to get people to interact better with each other? My work is about making the invisible visible by visualizing and explaining how our interaction patterns, with whom you (not) talk, impacts your decisions and life outcomes.

I specialize in helping teams work better together through improving how team members work and collaborate with each other. Schedule a call with me to learn how I can help your team achieve more.

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I write about communities/teams, and personal development/ learning. Articles include a data-driven approach and talk about social networks - as in social network analysis not social media networks.

I started this journey in 2009, when I researched team dynamics using social network analysis. I continued to dig deeper and deeper during my Ph.D. My articles are based on scientific studies, my attempt to make science more accessible to all.

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Behavioral science advice based on research. I write a lot about social networks, and how the dynamics in communities and teams impact people and companies.


Jailbreak - behavioural scientist leaving academia. Co-founder TogetherCrew. Also, solo parent to 4 girls.